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Dear Mom (grandma)

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Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

We always called you Mom, which confused the crap out of friends, even though you were our grandma. As I looked through these old pictures, I was inspired by how fly and confident you were. You loved a good party, so we celebrated even the smallest occasions with homemade cake and a finely made table. You showed my mom that Valentine's Day was about more than significant others, but also for loving family. That gave me the strength to never fear the day. 

Your love for us was never-ending. 

I cherished spending the night at your house. Pretending I was an only child, eating peanuts in bed with you. Then years later, holding your hand as we walked slowly to church, reading aloud to you days before your death. 

When you passed, all I could think about was how you wouldn't be there for my high school graduation. That I wouldn't be able to share prom dress shopping with you. I made it through those days without too many tears, my mom helped me pick out a dress you would have loved. 

I may not think about you everyday, but on Mother's Day I can't help but think of all you taught my momma and I. Happy Mother's Day. <3